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About Crush


This story began in 2008 at a kitchen table between two best friends. The owner was serving on active duty and dreamed of one day owning her own boutique. From there, House of Glam was born which later gave birth to Bling Crush in 2018.Bling Crush specializes in gazing at the world through dazzling, multi-colored lenses. The art of bringing objects to life with Rhinestones is not only mesmerizing, its a true statement maker and trendsetter. Our passion for unique designs entwined with colorful burst continues to bring our vision, and products, to life. 

Entrepreneurship is a huge factor to the owner.  She believes unequivocally that if you can dream it, then ultimately you can do it.  Her vision is to continue to grow Bling Crush Inc while simultaneously helping others with their small business goals via social media platforms.  She is a 24-year Veteran of the United States Navy, holds a BBA in Social Media Marketing, Master Trainer Certified, and is currently pursuing her Masters in the Social Media field of study.  Showing others how to create multiple avenues of revenue is her community vision as she continues to materialize her own dreams and aspirations.  


A Glimpse into Vendor Events.  They are always SUPER fun and an ABSOLUTE blast .