1.   What if I see a design I like but want a different color? 

 We have our own rhinestone equipment so that is no problem- Make sure you put the color change in Special Instructions when Placing the order online as and let us know the design and color so we can verify that we have the color chosen in stock.

2.  What is included in the $50 custom set up fee?

Our setup fee includes the digitalizing of your graphic with our rhinestone software and producing a physical mold/cast so the design can be made with the stones, and later placed on the shirt.  The design/cast creation can take upwards of 3 to 5 hours.  The $50 fee includess the cost of labor and materials for transforming your graphic into a rhinestone work of art. A baseline of six (6) shirts is required for custom designing.  In the event that you only want to order one (1) shirt, the custom fee is still required.  


3.   What are your minimums for ordering a custom design?

Our Minimums are 6 shirts.

4.  Do you have any discounts for bulk ordering?

Yes we have the following discounts for bulk orders.

12+  -  Receive 5% off

18+  -  Receive 10% off 

24+  -  Receive 15% off 

5.  Why does it take 5-7 Business Days for my item to ship or 10-12 Business Days for custom designs to ship?  

All orders are hand made (literally) and require time to produce the design, create the shirts, and prepare for shipping.  Our merchandise is not readily available where they can ship the next business day.  All of our shirts are processed and stones are placed manually onto the Bling merchandise.  

6.  Do you sell your transfers?

Currently we do not sell out transfers.  But there is light in the end of the tunnel.  We are planning to sell the transfers (wholesale) beginning in 2020.  Once we do, ensure you are subscribe to our newsletter so you can be in the know.  

7.  What is the time-frame if I want to make a change to my order?

Once the electronic design has been approved by the client, we cannot make any changes to the design.  If the client wants to add additional shirts to the finalized order, we can accommodate the request.

8.  Do I get a refund if I cancel my order?

Cancelled orders incur a 50% cancellation fee on regular bling items.  Custom orders that are cancelled incur an 100% cancellation fee. This also includes the $50 custom set-up fee.  

9. Is their an additional fee for personalizing the back of the shirt/jersey?

Yes, personalizing the back of a tee that exceeds 10 Letters/Spaces will incur the cost determined by the stone count.  Names, for example that do not exceed the 10 character letters/spaces is an additional $10.  This service is ONLY offered on the back of our Bling Jerseys.  

10.  Do you have a discount for non-profit organizations?

Yes.  As mentioned above, non-profits are given the discounts as prescribed in our Bulk Discount Section, but at a lower rate.  Please drop us a note with your requirements of what you need so we send a quote.

11.  What is a Nail head? 

Nail heads come in an array of colors.  They are not as sparkly as rhinestones, but just as nice.  They do sparkle.  The high gloss (metallics) or matte finish nailheads are perfectly smooth, which make them a perfect alternative to using actual rhinestones.  

12.  How do I care for my product? 

Wash inside out. Dry on low heat or COOL air.  Hang drying is also a great way to ensure your stones stay affixed to your merchandise.  Additionally, please be mindful that if you have an older washing machine with the agitator in the middle, we highly recommend that you hand wash your product.  These type of washing machines can cause damage to your Bling Tee and cause the stones to come undone.  

13.  Can I call you to place a custom order? 

 You will need to fill out the custom quote form located on our homepage of the website.  This way we have all the details in writing and we can make sure we get your custom quote right. 

14.  What about my privacy? 

 Your information is not shared with any one. We do not sell your information and we will not share you information with any other company.

15.  What about Refunds? 

 We do not offer refunds on stock or custom rhinestones designs. We Will send you a digital proof to approve before we run your custom job.